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If you want to know more about a company, including its goals and how it’s run, check out the owner.  Travel ID Cards was started  in 2008 by Sharon S Darrow when a family business was forced to close by the economy.  Suddenly without a job she’d held as part owner for 25 years, with very little in savings or assets, at the start of the worst recession in recent history, Sharon decided to create a new company around a product, the KidsTravelCard, that she’d developed and nurtured.  Logic says she should have been terrified at the sudden uncertainty, but instead she was excited and energized, confident of the value of what she’d created.

Originally, the KidsTravelCard was designed to fill a need for children’s identification when they were flying as unaccompanied minors.  Sharon quickly realized that there were many more times when a child should have a Photo ID, particularly if they had any type of special needs or medical conditions.  As the grandmother of children on the Autism Spectrum, she was well aware of how important contact and diagnostic information could be if a child was separated from the family.  This meant that the KidsTravelCard design had to be much more flexible than other cards, in order to meet unique requirements for the family.

In time, other products were added.  The TeenTravelCard for children 13 and over, looks exactly like the KidsTravelCard except for the heading, so that the teen status is recognized and respected.  The AdultInfoCard was added for adults with cognitive or medical special needs, but is often purchased just because an adult needs an extra form of Photo ID.  Then the PetTravelCard was created to protect a pet in the event it was separated from family, or as an attachment to a cage or carrier for trips, such as  to the groomer or the vet.  Now Travel ID Cards has expanded and is providing custom cards for businesses, organizations, and events.

In spite of all the extra products, Sharon firmly believes that the most important product is old-fashioned customer service.  She is always available by phone or email whenever a customer has a problem, a question, or needs something special.

Sharon loves being a business owner, but wears several different hats in life.  You can read more about her and what she does by checking out her website.  She’s a published author, with seven current titles and two underway.  She’s an expert in animal rescue, specializing in caring for orphaned kittens, and for more than twenty years worked one Sunday a month at an all volunteer spay and neuter clinic for cats.   Sharon grew up in Sacramento, California, where she lives with her husband of 5 years, Stan.  They share their home with five cats, a Great Dane, and their backyard flock of chickens.

What’s in the future?  Sharon often says that life is a joy, every single day is a gift, and it just gets better and better as we age!




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